Maribor lies at the NE part of Slovenia in the middle of a wine-growing region. The town is surrounded by vineyards on the North and East and by mountains (with ski slopes) on the South and West. One of its prides is to be the city of the world’s oldest vine, a plant which is over 400 years old and inscribed in the Guinness book of records. The Drava river flows through the town. On its banks, called Lent, the youth (in age and in heart) of Maribor and vicinity socialize in many pubs and restaurants. The history of Maribor is rich and is reflected in many buildings dating back to the 13th century. The more recent past is reflected in the University, the Theatre, shopping and recreation centers - all within walking distance. Many cultural, sporting and social events take place in the city throughout the year. At the time of the conference, the most internationaly recognized Slovenian festival will take place in Maribor - The Festival Lent.

Additional information about Maribor can be found at Maribor's official turist pages.



The University of Maribor was founded in 1975. It consists of 16 faculties, 1 administrative unit-Rectorat, Student dormitories (13 units), Sport center Leon Štukelj, University library, The Residence Hall for Graduate Students and Visiting Professors.

Some numbers:
  • 24,600 students per year of which 2300 are postgraduate students (master degree) and 200 are doctoral students
  • 7000 beginners per year
  • 3300 graduates per year, including 210 master degrees and 48 doctoral degrees
  • 123 study programmes (old type) and 49 bologna study programmes
  • 1800 employees
  • 150 000 square meters floor space
  • 84,2 millions Euro budget per year

For details see the University’s home page.

University of Maribor