Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FERI)

Institute of Informatics is a part of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FERI) in Maribor. FERI is one of the 13 faculties at the University of Maribor. The Institute of Informatics has 38 full time employees and several collaborators. The members of the institute are involved in many international projects, where the research topics of software process quality assurance, application of multimedia technologies and defining efficient approaches to component based development of information systems are actively discussed and developed. The high level of our scientific results is proven by the publications in renown international journals and the participation at the leading conferences as invited speakers or chairs. A special attention is paid to the mechanisms of efficient use of research results in the industry.


The Slovenian companies have the access to the most actual knowledge and the most recent technologies through our institute. Some of the companies have received, also with our help and advisement, the ISO 9001 certificate; others have renovated their information systems and/or ascended amongst the most successful users of certain technologies like SanFrancisco framework of business objects. It is worthwhile to stress out the excellent cooperation with the representatives of foreign software suppliers as well as with the local software companies. We are present at all important informatics events in Slovenia (like INFOS, DSI, INDO, IS - Information Society). To organize an international conference (ICSQ, ADBIS, ReTIS, EJC, JCKBSE) or a domestic conference (OTS) is also an important part of our work. Besides all this, our co-workers are members of many national committees (State council for informatics, Office for standardization and metrics) and boards of civil society (Forum for information society), which influence the field of informatics in Slovenia.

Provisional Conference and/or Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Aleš Živkovič, Organizing Committee Chair
  • Dr. Marjan Heričko, Organizing Committee Co-Chair
  • Dr. Tatjana D. Welzer
  • Dr. Vili Podgorelec
  • Dr. Gregor Polančič
  • Dr. Marko Hölbl
  • Dr. Luka Pavlič
  • Boštjan Kežmah, M.Sc.

  • Katja Kous, uni. dipl. ing.
  • Jernej Huber, uni.dipl. ing.
  • Boštjan Šumak,
  • Andrej Krajnc,
  • Uroš Goljat, uni.
  • Kristijan Košič, uni.dipl. ing.
  • Saša Kuhar, designer

  • Boris Lahovnik,
  • Miha Strehar
  • Mitja Gradišnik, uni.dipl. ing.
  • Tomaž Korelič, uni.dipl. ing.


Centre for Knowledge Transfer (CEKTRA)

Centre for Knowledge Transfer - CEKTRA is an interdisciplinary non governmental Centre, which performs organizational, educational, promotional andinfrastructural activities and provides direct exchange of information and experience between researchers, experts and end users.


By partnering and active engagement in different projects the Centre or members of its network successfully extend their activities to the research and development.


Directives of CEKTRA:

  • to transfer knowledge from various fields on institutional and international level
  • to enhance the applications of innovative methodologies, knowledge and technologies
  • to inform about the policies of EU and their directives
  • to integrally connect experts from different fields
  • to organize conferences and similar events to develop presentation, dissemination of results and to support scientific work


Fields that CEKTRA is especially dedicated to: geographic information, ICT based products and services, e-government solutions.